What is Rocket Tees?

Rocket Tees was created to assist fundraisers and philanthropists by doing all the legwork in your campaign. We at Rocket Tees fuel the rocket by giving you the best and most efficient tools to design and create your shirt, set your monetary goal, blast your fundraiser on social media and email, and send you a check with the profits or send contributions to a charity of your choice.

What happens if the sales goal is not met?

If your campaign is a profitable campaign and reaches at least 20 sold shirts, but has not reached the goal, Rocket Tees' may lower the campaign's goal to the number of products sold, proceed with fulfillment and T-shirt distribution.

How long until I receive my shirt? When am I charged?

Shirts are shipped 10-14 days after the fundraiser’s deadline has closed. Once your campaign has ended and your goal is met, shirts are sent to production, and your form of payment is applied. If the campaign goal is not met you will not be charged.

What does it cost to launch my campaign?

There is no charge to start your own campaign and 100% of the profit is sent directly to you.

Will Rocket Tees adjust image sizes to the shirt size?

After a campaign has reached its goal, the campaign will automatically be resized to fit the smallest garment that was purchased by your buyers.

What brands of shirts are currently available?

We offer Gildan, Anvil, LATs, and USA 100 American-made shirts and other comparable brands.

What are examples of protected materials?

Trademarked or copyrighted works such as sports logos, major business logos, musical artists are trademarked or copyrighted and cannot be used on Rocket Tees without written permission from said group(s). Designs should be original and not copy other works exactly as they are.

*Licensed University and School logos may take up to 48 hours for approval of the design.

Is there a limit on how many colors I can utilize on the shirt?

Yes, It's prefered not to excede 8 colors on one shirt, however if there's something you would like to talk to a designer about you can call us.

Can you help or assist in creating a design?

We have several graphic artists on staff and will gladly assist in helping create your design. Give us a call if you need personal assistance with your fundraising creation at 800-449-8774.

What if the product I choose becomes unavailable?

In the rare case that the product sold or purchased is experiencing extremely low or depleted stock levels, we will substitute a product of equal or higher quality. Rocket Tees will make reasonable attempts to notify you in the event of a product substitution.

Where can I find more information regarding trademark and copyright laws?

There are a few websites that can direct you and give you more information on trademark and copyright laws: www.Copyright.gov & www.uspto.gov